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Google TV
So I'm Finally posted again and this is a good yet bad thing, the Google TV box, on the weekend it came out I was able to pick up the Sony box that was a combo Google TV and Blu-ray player, set up was easy tho had to do it twice due to a update that had to be performed after internet connection step, once it was working all was wonderful except that channel searching was not very accurate, which was okay since I have charter communications in a small area, A week later a new update was released and made all the SD channels be squeezed into 4:3 format, all HD stayed in 16:9, no biggie a new update should be out soon to fix this, nope for weeks they still have not fixed this bug, and now the final straw making this box basically unusable is that all networks I watch, Discovery, Sy-fy and a few others all have BLOCKED the box from loading there video services, so now the box is CRAP, can only load netflix and the few HD channels I recive to fill the screen, most of the shows are squeezed so they are hard to see making them almost impossible to enjoy, so this box which at first was a star being a 4 out of 5 has now dropped to a 1 out of 5 for sheer unusableness of the device

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Wow o.o I dunno though if that's Google specifically, or Sony. To explain, Google makes this product open source for developers to incorporate into devices that support Google TV (In this case, your Blu-Ray player.) Google provides updates sure, but Sony can have the final say on what goes to your Blu-Ray player's Google TV. Whether this decision to turn it into a POS is made by Google, or by Sony is unknown. All I know is I agree with you that that device turned shitty only after a few updates :(

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