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Google TV
So I'm Finally posted again and this is a good yet bad thing, the Google TV box, on the weekend it came out I was able to pick up the Sony box that was a combo Google TV and Blu-ray player, set up was easy tho had to do it twice due to a update that had to be performed after internet connection step, once it was working all was wonderful except that channel searching was not very accurate, which was okay since I have charter communications in a small area, A week later a new update was released and made all the SD channels be squeezed into 4:3 format, all HD stayed in 16:9, no biggie a new update should be out soon to fix this, nope for weeks they still have not fixed this bug, and now the final straw making this box basically unusable is that all networks I watch, Discovery, Sy-fy and a few others all have BLOCKED the box from loading there video services, so now the box is CRAP, can only load netflix and the few HD channels I recive to fill the screen, most of the shows are squeezed so they are hard to see making them almost impossible to enjoy, so this box which at first was a star being a 4 out of 5 has now dropped to a 1 out of 5 for sheer unusableness of the device

Alrgith this Skunky is reviewing some new tech I got the ASUS HS-1000W (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826785001&nm_mc=OTC-Froogle&cm_mmc=OTC-Froogle-_-Headsets+and+Accessories-_-ASUS-_-26785001) so far nothing to complain, very nice audio recording range, a bit tight around my big ears >.>, play back also has a nice range great for a wireless head set, love the joy of no wires, the battery length Id say is around 5-7 hours but thats all I got to say about the ASUS HS-1000W Wireless head set

Can damn things work right >.> Spent 6 hours early this week making sure ports were forwarded, drivers were updated and more to see if I could use onboard Borderlands Online (if you follow my twitter: http://twitter.com/Dragoskunk you know) till a Friend came and showed us how to use the first thing we tried, seems we needed to start with the game off was all >.> (I felt like a idiot)also looked into my Crashing issue with Fallout 3, NOTHING CAME UP, not even another case of it >.> at least tho I got a new TF2 spray (yay) wont link without asking first don't think it would be a problem just wannah ask first

So I post very very little >.> shut up you laughing at that, but just got Fallout 3 game of the year edition for PC, still had the don't sell before sticker on it even (im SO saving that sticker) been playing it but had to stop, it kept freezing up randomly, Not my Computer cuz heres the PC specs and Game: Game: 2.4Ghz Processor 1GBRam (2 vista but I'm on 7) 6 free GB of hard drive space (I still got 890 gigs left) and a Nvidia Geforce 6800 minimum, now here is my specs: Core i7 3.33Ghz processor, 6GB of ram, nVidia GTX295

Well Hours from now Ill be leaving any Internet access for the rest of 09 *whimper* so Before I forget Happy New Year everyone and now onto the couple bit review of 09, which is nothing much sept for a new Gaming PC and a lot of PC games well Just Borederlands,L4D2,and CSS, very few 360 games just really MW2 but I lost interest in it (it got reallllll MEH) and finally the last thing I can remember about 2009 is Installing windows 7 and it taking 5 hours well See you all in 2010 and Happy Gaming

Updates and Junk
Alright I haven't posted in a Bit been busy with life stuff and League of Legends, I haven't touched my Xbox in like 2 weeks XD thanks Kahn, tho it'll stay like that hopeing to get Borederlands and Left 4 Dead 2 for my PC this Christmas ill say my thought on those games when I Play em for a bit. Also been Writing some short story type stuff that no one will see XD they suck to much. Might say some stuff on other games ive been playing lately besides League of Legends, like the Telltale games set of Sam & Max games since I'm playing them all for a second time. Well until next time people who read. :3

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um ohhhhhhkay

RUSE Thoughts
This game needs alot to be fixed, Artillery is WAY overpowered the games "Tutorial" is a man talking in almost French on youtube, yes youtube they open up your web browser and open up a youtube link when you click it, the "Ruses" hardly do anything and the camera control is way touch its either way zoomed in or way zoomed out and the zoomed in is no help because that's just for seeing the details nothing you can do to command and zoomed out is this odd view that's to hard to really place things accurately enough to do damage to the enemy, and the economy once your out of supply dumps (they don't last long and its the only way to make enough money to do something) you are screwed! so in closing so far this game looks like a fail.

alrighty gonah hopefully post more here (since I got some stuff to say now I think at least) starting off with my take on RUSE so far, needs some work looks good for Multi Touch tho if thats only how you played it not very well fitting for a mouse needs some way to keep units selected (if there is a way tell me Im still new) hoping to play later with Kahncub :D then tomorrow gonna be playing some League of Legends and testing out its new Champion :P so heres to gaming

I need to Post more I thinks
out of the Few People who Read waht I have to say, anything youd care for me to say? lately ive been visiting more and more so I am using the site unexpectedly so until next time LATER

Dragofox OUT